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Special Curved Stage Podium

Wide: 10000cm
Depth: 80-160cm
Hight: 40cm

Curved Special Stage Podium

Introducing our curved special stage podium, a unique and eye-catching addition to elevate your events. Crafted with precision, this podium features a sleek design with a gentle curve.

Stand out with a podium that breaks away from the conventional look. DMX RGB edge lighting, creating a dynamic atmosphere tailored to your event.

The aluminum frame ensures both durability and a lightweight structure for easy handling. The back part of the podium consists of standard stage podiums with wheels, allowing for precise depth adjustments to meet your exact specifications.

The top plate is covered in a sleek black carpet, enhancing the overall aesthetics. A fixed front cover provides a neat and professional appearance, completing the podium’s look.

Make a bold statement at your events with this curved special stage podium, designed for those who seek a perfect blend of innovation, style, and practicality.

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