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Rotating Platform 280cm

“Revolutionize Your Stage Design with Our Modular Rotating Platforms!”

Dim. out: D280cm x H27cm
Weight: 210 kg
Power: CEE 16A 3F+N+J
Control: Artnet or DMX512,
Option: Kinesys or Movacat
Speed: 0 – 2 rpm

“Revolutionize Your Stage Design with Our Modular Rotating Platforms!”

Your description is well-written! Here’s the English translation with some minor grammar adjustments for clarity:

“Our modular rotating platforms offer a solution that opens up endless creative possibilities. The platform features a stable base construction, allowing it to be used in an elevated position, for example, on top of a solid platform or lift, adding an extra layer of scenic options.

Due to the platform being complete with a base, it can serve as the foundation for expanding to a non-circular surface, such as a square or rectangular platform that you may want to rotate.

The fully controllable speed and direction add precision to your performances. Equipped with a hand control for easy operation, including a “go” command and emergency stop, our platforms prioritize safety and user control. Multiple platforms can be operated simultaneously through our control system.

For further information or specific inquiries, feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to helping you bring your creative visions to life.”

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