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Moveket – Motion Power Controller 4ID8

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The Motion Power Controller 4ID8, an intelligent control unit for asynchronous three-phase drives such as the Movecat ECO, PLUS, Compact and Plus-C chain hoists and their Lite counterparts compliant with D8 and D8 Plus.

A large, back-lit LCD displays the operating states and parameters.

The integrated operating and safety processors monitor all functions, whereby the general evaluation of all safety-relevant parameters, including all run states, is implemented as a superordinate safety chain.

Furthermore, it is ready for I-Motion network operation, and up to 8 devices can be operated in direct link mode or up to 60 devices via I-Motion network in decentralized group mode in combination with a central controller e.g. a controller from the I-Motion series.

The clearly identifiable input buttons in combination with a rotary/push-button encoder permit the simple and intuitive configuration and handling of the controller.

The user is guided by a logically structured and intuitive interface with display output.

Even target* and group* runs (*depending upon the drive configuration) can be programmed and executed by this means.