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From concerts to theater productions, parties to festivals, we offer top-notch technical expertise and equipment.

Trust us to take care of your event’s lighting, sound, AV, and stage requirements.


By involving us early on, we offer insightful suggestions to enhance your lighting design.

Additionally, we digitally visualize your arrangement, giving you a glimpse of what awaits your audience.


Our professional sound department is staffed with experienced technicians who can expertly design, mix, and enhance the audio to perfectly suit any space and ambiance.


From rock to theater, our AV department has the expertise, software, and equipment necessary for high-quality editing and playback.


With our expertise, we ensure that every stage we design and build is tailored to your unique requirements, guaranteeing a seamless and unforgettable experience for any event.


Our professional lighting designers interpret and inspire your event, creating a memorable atmosphere.

We provide design, technology, and crew for all types of indoor and outdoor events, from traditional stages to unconventional venues.

As creative partners, we offer a wealth of ideas and possibilities.

Consult with our lighting designers early on to benefit from our insights and concepts. We can also digitally visualize your event, giving you a preview of what awaits your audience.

When the lights go out, the experience remains…

All Stage offers a wide range of lighting equipment, including moving lights, conventional lamps, control consoles, dimmers, power distribution units, followspots, intercom systems, LED screens, and media servers.

Discover everything you need for your stage needs.


With years of experience, I specialize in enhancing the technical execution of your event.

Contact Anders Kruse, the Rental Manager at All Stage, for all your stage-related needs.

His expertise lies in optimizing the technical aspects of your arrangement.

Reach out to him at or give him a call at +45 60 15 60 98.

Anders Kruse

Udlejnings leder


At All Stage, our skilled sound designers will interpret and inspire your event, creating a truly memorable atmosphere.

We offer comprehensive design, technology, and crew services for both indoor and outdoor events, whether they are held on traditional stages or unconventional venues.

As your creative partners, we bring a wealth of ideas and possibilities to the table.

Early consultation with our sound designers will allow you to benefit from our valuable insights and concepts.

From microphones and stands to stageboxes, we have it all.

Need speakers, amplifiers, or cables? Look no further.

We also offer a wide selection of in-ear systems, and intercom solutions.

Explore our range of top-quality audio equipment.

Welcome to All Stage, your one-stop shop for audio equipment.


Allan Nielsen, Projekt leder at All Stage, is your go-to specialist for optimizing and enhancing the technical execution of your events.

With a keen attention to detail and a passion for delivering exceptional results, Allan is dedicated to ensuring that your event is flawlessly executed.

For further inquiries or to discuss your specific event needs, contact Allan at or call +45 61 61 60 10.

Trust Allan Nielsen and All Stage to elevate your events to new heights.

Allan Nielsen

Projekt leder


With years of experience, we at All Stage can enhance and strengthen the technical execution of your event.

Whether it’s a rock concert or a theater performance, our AV department possesses the expertise, software, and equipment necessary for high-quality editing and playback.

Our inventory includes screens, LED walls, and projectors, while our services also encompass streaming on the internet and video platforms.

All Stage is your ultimate destination for top-quality video equipment.

From screens to projectors, mixers to cables, and essential accessories, we have it all.

Bring your visions to life and create unforgettable moments with our comprehensive range of products.

We deliver excellence in video equipment, backed by our commitment to providing the very best in cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction.


With years of experience I specialize in enhancing and strengthening the technical execution of your event.

Flemming Kjær Peddersen, Project Manager at All Stage, is here to assist you.

For further inquiries or to discuss your specific event needs, contact Flemming at or call +45 61 61 60 13.

Flemming Kjær Peddersen

Projekt Leder


At All Stage, we understand that the stage is a crucial part of the overall impression and contributes to the complete expression.

We specialize in delivering stages of all sizes, both indoors and for the largest outdoor events.

Additionally, we offer a range of supporting facilities such as grandstands, audience barriers, stairs, loading ramps, towers, and walkways. Our goal is to create an invisible stage that seamlessly blends into the event. With your input and ideas, we will develop a technical solution tailored to your needs.

What may appear as challenges to some, are simply opportunities for All Stage to provide solutions!

We provide truss and mobile stages, stage floors and ramps, seating tribunes, stairs, pedestrian walkways, and much more.

With our expertise and dedication, we ensure top-quality products and services to meet all your stage needs.

Contact us today and let us help bring your vision to life.


Toke, the project leader at All Stage, is a highly experienced professional in the rental market with deep knowledge of All Stage products.

For any inquiries, you can easily reach Toke via email at or by phone at +45 60 14 60 98.

Toke Ølgaard

Projekt leder