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Moveket – I-motion – Chain Hoist 500 kg D8+ w/encoder

Load: 500 kg
Travel: 24 m
Speed: 4 m/min
Dimensions: 480 x 300 x 150 mm
Controller: MPC 41D8
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Coordinate choreographed lifting

Our “Chain Hoist 500 kg D8+ with high resolution encoders ensure that the Chain Hoist moves where you want and stop with precision.

A Movecat 4ch. controler – MPC 4ID8 provides all power and data to a Chain Hoist over only two cables.

All our Smart Hoists have dual brakes and dual encoders to ensure precise movement and positioning.

With Movecat I-motion controller you can group hoists to run simultaneously and in sync.

Write and execute cues just like with all Movecat machines.