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Winch 50

Load: 50 kg
Travel: 12,5 m
Speed: 0-400 mm/sec

The Winch 50 is a compact yet very powerful DMX controlled stage winch.

With the DMX control you can set positions and limits quick and easy. Complex motion cues can be written and recalled with ease, so the effects are automated as much as possible, directly from your lighting desk. Easily integrated in your stage design.

The Winch 50 is a great winch for lifting and moving stage props, screens, drapes, lights, etc. in and out of the stage sphere. Several winches can easily be connected as a chain, allowing for advanced and creative ways of making dynamic movements of several objects at the same time.

You can control the winch directly from the lighting desk. This way it can be controlled to fit and interact in line with the show and lighting design. The winch 50 has an advanced positioning system controlled from a 16-bit DMX channel. It is highly accurate; the winch stops within just 1 mm.

Furthermore, you can control the speed of the winch via DMX. It is also possible to set the upper and lower limits of the movement of the winch, thus adjusting its range of motion and your specific stage requirements.

Create beautiful moving effects for your stage equipment.

The Winch 50 has a lifting capacity of up to 50 kg, so you can enjoy all the great features for your heavy stage items.