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Stage Elevator – Toaster Lift 200

Travel dist: 200 cm
Max speed up/down: 3,5  m/sek.
Weight Cap: 125 kg
Weight: 466 kg
Power: CEE 16A 3F

Elevate Your Performance with the Toaster Lift 200

Picture this: a stage where artists and dancers are launched into the spotlight in an instant.

The Toaster Lift is a compact, high-speed performer lift. It’s not just about speed, it’s about safety, an interlocked door and redundant braking systems.

And, it operates quietly, making it perfect for live theatre, corporate events, and concert tours.

Make your performance unforgettable with the Pop-Up Toaster Lift Stage.

The system can be controlled via the Artnet-DMX protocol, allowing for precise and flexible motion control.

Multiple units of this lift system can be synchronized.

The system can be upgraded to use control systems such as Movecat or Kinesys.

If you need more detailed information about this specific product, its technical specifications, pricing, or availability.


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