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Stage Elevator – Chain Lift 200

Travel dist: 160 cm
Max speed up/down: 0,6  m/sek.
Weight Cap: 500 kg
Weight mast: 300 kg
Power: CEE 16A 3F

Stage Elevator – Chain Lift 200

The system is capable of lifting loads up to 500 kg, which is suitable for raising both scenery and performers.

It can lift at a speed of 0.6 meters per second, which is essential for smoothly and safely moving items or performers on stage.

The system can be controlled via the Artnet-DMX protocol, allowing for precise and flexible motion control. Artnet-DMX is a common lighting control protocol in the entertainment industry.

Multiple units of this lift system can be synchronized. This capability is useful when you need to lift larger platforms or heavier loads in a coordinated and synchronized manner. It’s essential for complex stage setups.

The system can be upgraded to use control systems such as Movecat or Kinesys. These are advanced control systems used in the entertainment industry to automate and control complex moving elements on stage.

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