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Moveket – I-motion – VMW-S 250-1,2-24

Load: 250 kg
Travel: 24 m
Speed: 0-1200 mm/sec Zero
Dimensions: 1050 x 520 x 630 mm
Weight: 100 kg
Motor power: 3,0 kw.
Low noise
Controller: V-Motion 40
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Our VMB-S Bandhoist sits right in the middle in between our VMW-S winch and our chain hoists. With 100kg own-weight it is about half as heavy as a winch, although it can lift up to 250kg (twice as much as the winch can do).

Even the speed from 0m/sec – 1.2m/sec (with reduced lifting capacity) makes it the perfect “man in the middle”. Chain hoists are mostly stronger but slower of course. On top of that it is incredibly silent and (if you hang it with the bands tiny 0.4mm side towards you) it is even more invisible as the winches wire. The Bandhoist is equipped with a 45° degree rotating fly bar to make sure the band will not bend sideways.

The VMB-S  of course approved with BGV-C1 (DGUV 17), DIN 56950, and EN61508 (SIL3). No need to mention that it can be controlled with our I-Motion system of course and operates in the true-zero-speed closed-loop functionality as well.

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