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Winch Robe 1600

Robe: 2,8 cm
Travel dist: 1600 cm
Max speed up/down: 400 cm/sek.
Weight Cap: 150 kg
Weight: 130 kg
Power: CEE 16A 3F+N+J

Robe Winch 1600 is a specially built, advanced lifting solution with an impressive combination of fast acceleration, precision, and top-notch safety features.

This solution is designed to be used in stage productions, such as the musical “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” where it plays a key role in animating the bell rope that initiates the ringing of the bell and raises the bell ringer into the air.

Safety is of the highest standard thanks to the integration of Beckhoff automation.

This system ensures that all movements and actions are carried out accurately and safely. Furthermore, the Robe Winch 1600 can be further expanded by integrating control from Movecat and Kinesys control panels, allowing for even more flexible and advanced control of the solution.

The fast acceleration and precision of the Robe Winch 1600 make it possible to create impressive stage art, where the bell ringer is hoisted into the air with incredible accuracy and speed. This element of dynamism and visual appeal helps engage the audience and create a memorable experience where they follow the events all the way to the top.

Overall, Robe Winch 1600 is an outstanding solution that combines technical expertise with safety and spectacular visual effect, making it ideal for creating a unique stage art experience that the audience will not forget.

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