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Weels Down – Turning fork wheel

Dimensions (Mål): (H) 145 mm – (W) 90 mm – (D) 90 mm
Load Capacity: 100 kg per wheel
Operating Pressure: 7 bar
Lifting/Lowering Time: Adjustable
Lifting Height: 24 mm
Connection: 6 mm Push-to-Connect Fitting
Weight: 3.1 kg

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In close collaboration with the theater industry, we have created this compact lifting/lowering wheel.

The foundation of the idea was to create something that had never been seen before and was so compact that it was almost invisible.

The fact that the wheel, including the cylinder and wheelbase, is built into the same tube makes it easy to use without the need to “invent” something to hide it behind. Compact lifting wheel with low build height and ultra compact. Durable polyurethane wheels with high load capacity. Excellent maneuverability.

Easy air connection with Push-to-Connect Fitting.Adjustable throttle valve that controls lowering speed.Maintenance-friendly construction. Easy installation with 2 x 8 mm bolt holes in the top.Can be mounted with various Top bracket.