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Rotator 360

Travel dist: 360 grader
Max speed up/down: 1,5 rpm.
Weight Cap: 500 kg
Weight: 105 kg
Power: CEE 16A 3F

Rotator 360

This Rotator offer a range of capabilities for creating automated and dynamic movements on stage. Its two primary modes of operation include spinning a platform like a turntable around its center point and spinning a platform with an off-center rotation point, allowing for uneven or off-center rotations.

The descriptions emphasize the Rotator’s versatility, simplicity, and usefulness, making it an attractive tool for stage set designers and scenery producers looking to incorporate automated and creative movement into their productions.

It an elegant and adaptable solution for enhancing stage performances.

The system can be controlled via the Artnet-DMX protocol, allowing for precise and flexible motion control. Artnet-DMX is a common lighting control protocol in the entertainment industry.

Multiple Rotator 360 units, can be synchronized. The system can be upgraded to use control systems such as Movecat or Kinesys. These are advanced control systems used in the entertainment industry to automate and control complex moving elements on stage.

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